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De Luxe Glue gelremover

De Luxe Glue gel remover (15 ml)

CODE: gelremover

Price: 8.50


Geelja konsistentsiga geeljas vahend ripsmete püsipikenduste eemaldamiseks. Võimaldab kergelt ja ohutult eemaldada ripsmete püsipikendused vigastamata naturaalseid ripsmeid. Vahend ei valgu silma. Ainult professionaalseks kasutamiseks.


Product Description

The De Luxe Eyelash Extensions Remover Gel is the ideal remover for all De Luxe Eyelash Extensions Adhesives. It is specially formulated to remove the adhesives in a safe and non-invasive manner. Its gel form means that it will not trickle into the eyes and makes for greater customer comfort. It removes all extensions and adhesives in less than 10 minutes. There is 15ml in each bottle. It is recommended that the customer uses the micro swabs to apply the Remover Gel.



Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Eyelash Extensions Safely

1. To remove the eyelash extensions, you will need the following items:

    * Micro Swab (preferable to cotton buds as the cotton buds tend to absorb the Remover Gel, wasting precious product)
    * Eyelash Extensions Remover Gel
    * Collagen Eye Patch (preferably lint-free)

2. Get your customer to lie down on a comfortable couch, preferably a facial or massage bed.

3. Hold the lower eyelashes down using the lint-free eye patches. The eye patches are thin and the customer is still able to close her eyes. This will prevent the Eyelash Extensions Remover Gel from entering her eyes during the eyelash extensions removal. Using a Collagen Eye Patch also has the added benefit of giving the customer an eye treatment during the process of removing her eyelash extensions.

4. Coat the eyelash extensions generously with the Eyelash Extenions Remover Gel. Ensure that both the top and bottom of the lashes get coated. Take care not to let the remover gel touch the skin.

5. The amount of time that the Eyelash Extensions Remover Gel takes to work depends on a few factors:

    * How thick the eyelash extensions glue is. The thicker the eyelash extensions glue, the longer it takes to remove the eyelash extensions.
    * How long the customer has had her eyelash extensions on. The longer the time, the easier it is to remove the eyelash extensions.
    * The type of eyelash extensions glue used. The stronger the type of eyelash extensions glue used, the longer it takes to remove the eyelash extensions.

6. After the requisite "melting" time and the Eyelash Extensions Remover Gel has had time to melt the eyelash extensions glue, gently push down the eyelash extensions on the damp cotton wool pad. By this time, the eyelash extensions should just slip off the customer's natural eyelashes. Those that are still adhered to the eyelashes need more "melting" time. If necessary, coat the eyelash extensions with more Eyelash Extensions Remover Gel and give it a few more minutes before using the micro swab to remove the eyelash extensions again. using a mirroswab is good in this case as its small applicator head allows you to work on the specific strands of eyelashes that need more removal work.