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The eye area is very delicate, sensitve and susceptble to ageing.
It has not many sebaceous glands, poor fat padding and weak
supportve fbre system, so it
quickly loses frmness and tension.
In tme, faty tssue begins to disappear and furrows become deeper,
especially the so-called valley of tears, and limp skin and weakening
muscles cause
the upper eyelid to fall, giving the face a sad look.
In additon, the skin under the eyes is characterized by poor blood
circulaton and tendency to lymphatc stasis, which ofen causes dark

circles and swelling.


The EYE CONTOUR line is recommended if:
your skin in the eye area is lacking frmness and elastcity,
you have statc wrinkles around the eyes, worry lines, gravity-caused, linear and sun-caused wrinkles –
under the eyes, in the outer corners of your eyes and between the eyebrows,

you have dark circles and swelling under the eyes,
your upper eyelids droop due to ageing,
you have dry skin in the eye area.


The EYE CONTOUR line will:
effectvely fll the wrinkles from inside,
stmulate the synthesis of skin support fbres – collagen and elastn,
prevent skin slacking and increase resistance to gravity,
improve blood and lymph flow,
moisturise your skin in the eye area,
relieve irritaton,
reduce swelling,
reduce dark circles,
prevent eyelid drooping.



HYACARE®FILLER – crosslinked hyaluronic acid microspheres, which effectvely smooth and fll wrinkles from
the inside, making them shallower fast and leaving your skin intensively moisturised.

IDEALIFT™ - lipopeptde stmulatng synthesis of the support skin fbres – collagen and elastn, preventng skin
slacking and increasing resistance to the acton of gravity.

EYELISS™ - a combinaton of three actve molecules that improve the flow of lymph, efciently reduces bags
and dark circles under the eyes caused by fatgue or other physiological factors.

MATRIKINS – low molecular weight biomimetc peptdes capable of acceleratng tssue renewal of the skin.
They improve the biomechanical propertes of the skin, stmulate fbroblast actvity, increase frmness and
elastcity, which results in a reducton of wrinkles.

BIONANOCELULOSE – a nanomaterial, crosslinked into a three dimensional structure composed of
interconnected cellulose fbres. It has the ability to absorb and desorb fluids, which is an effectve,
biocompatble carrier of actve ingredients.